Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Mary Herrera

                   photo 1This week, I spoke to Mary Herrera whom I met trying to find the University Theatre on the first day of class and ended up getting lost. Haha She is a junior who is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in hopes of becoming a police officer in the city of South Gate, CA. At first, she was interested in law and wanted to become a Congresswoman, but as she took courses here at CSULB, her mind was set on becoming a police officer. In order to achieve her goal,she became an explorer where she was able to experience ride alongs, write citations, etc., but was not able to have a gun in possession.

She was also able to experience being in an actual courthouse playing the role of lawyer in a scenario. This is what also led her to majoring in Criminal Justice. She was able to perceive life with a completely new set of eyes and about real life everyday occurrences that take place and she thought well what better career to pursue than law enforcement to assist people to the justice that they deserve. Mary’s website is http://marielah21.wordpress.com 🙂Processed with Moldiv


As we walked around the galleries, we came across the one titled “Timepiece” by Anna Knecht Schwarzer and it led to a great discussion. Although she is a Criminal Justice major and I am a Biology major, we were still able to connect to the piece on a more profound level. Instead of stating the obvious and saying that “the darker her upper body, the more rape occurrences” we concluded that the dirty shirt portrays that although rape is happening worldwide, it can no longer be covered up as though it isn’t a big deal. Maybe the shirt symbolizes a young woman’s voice who is struggling to confess and seek help or perhaps medical attention for her rape.

 The woman in the top picture with just her bra on is the voice. The one who is not afraid to take a stand against rape culture. I feel as though as more rape acts occur, the woman’s face gets more serious. I actually love that she was able to pose for the camera and show the world how rape is now an act that happens without thinking and that it should be stopped. Women should not be targeted by men who cannot seem to control their sexual desires. We were also able to connect to this piece because we both personally know a friend and/or a relative that were raped and/or sexually assaulted and it took them a really long time for them to seek help/therapy. 


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