Wk 1 – GLAMFA Artist – Tanya Brodsky

Processed with MoldivThis is Tanya Brodsky’s URL if anyone is interested!! http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/brodsky_2014.html 

When I first saw this art piece, I was so confused. I thought to myself “what can these bike seats, magnifying glasses and tool look alikes possibly mean?” I paid really close attention to the colors and the way that they were organized and I noticed that the objects on the left look so vibrant and full of life in comparison to those on the right. The objects on the right look as though they are deteriorating and dying (due to the loss of color and the brown spots that look like rust).

This sort of relates to the aging process. As we’re young, it is very important to take care of ourselves (physical, health and emotional wise) because if one does not take proper care of themselves, it can result in severe consequences. For instance, let’s say one has a really bad smoking habit to reduce their stress. Although it reduces stress temporarily, they will begin to age much quicker in comparison to one who doesn’t smoke. My parents are the same age, but my dad looks a lot of older because he is a smoker and when one has been smoking for such a long period of time, there isn’t much one can do to get them to stop although it may be life threatening and that’s the worst. 

This piece of work was also an eye opener. It made me realize that time is our biggest competition and we must take care of ourselves before time runs out and the game is over.


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