Wk 2 – Artist “Interview” – Kimberly Zumpfe

photo 3 (2)This is Kimberly Zumpfe’s website URL: http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Zumpfe_2014.html

This is her art piece titled “Step 7” and I found what she wrote in her statement very interesting. My favorite part is where she wrote “So few people walk on it now, not even me. It didn’t lead anywhere anymore only to a fence and a gate. Now, it doesn’t lead you anywhere at all…..The sidewalk isn’t really useful anymore. It’s no longer a pathway….I am leading you somewhere, edging you closer.” I loved this section because it can mean a number of things. For one, with adolescence comes adulthood  and people learn how to drive. Learning how to drive, although it is a means of transportation, prevents people who already now drive from walking to a store that is literally around the corner. Cars have made sidewalks meaningless and no longer a way to get around. Although this is true, I do not approve of such behavior because people would rather drive, which takes little effort than to get up and exercise. This just makes us so lazy. On the other hand, this may also represent a cycle. A cycle of (also going back to the idea of adolescence and adulthood) growing up, maturing and moving forward. I think this because if someone were to stay on the same familiar path, they wouldn’t get anywhere. They are preventing themselves from trying out new things (whether it’d be going to school in a completely different route) and if one is afraid of stepping out of their comfort zones, it then becomes very difficult to move forward because of being accustomed to the same routine every single day. At the end, it says “I am leading you somewhere” and I found that very inspiring because yes, we all want to succeed, yes we all want to live the “American Dream” but it’s impossible if we, as individuals are unable of challenging and risking ourselves for the goals we want to accomplish in the future. 


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