Wk 2 – Instagram

These were my Instagram posts on Thursday, September 4th 😀

Top Left – A pictuProcessed with Moldivre of a small  tree with purple flowers

I love taking pictures of nature and this one happens to have my favorite color in it. I feel as though the purple really enhances the entire picture. There are several pictures around campus that I could have taken such as a cliche one of the fountain and/or the sky but this little tree captured my attention.

Top Right – One of the signs I saw during Welcoming Week

I thought this sign was pretty interesting when I saw it attached to one of the booths as I was walking around with Kiara and Abigail. It’s crazy/amazing how people are able to determine what they like and what they do not like in a significant other. What may be attractive to one may be unattractive for another. I just think it’s crazy how the mind works.

Bottom Left – A poster I saw in front of the bookstore

I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS POSTER. I saw it in front of the bookstore and walk by it every single day and it’s been calling my name. My favorites are Materialism which says “the one with the most shit, wins,” Feminism which says “Men are shit” and lastly the one for Darwinism which says “survival of the shittiest.” I just found it hilarious because of how they incorporated the word “shit”  and it makes the topic much more hysterical and true! I don’t know why I haven’t bought this poster yet but I’m planning on it 🙂

Bottom Right – A picture of the escalator around noon

I decided to take a picture of the packed escalator because I go through there every single day. I find it funny how students prefer to go up/down the escalator when it is super packed to avoid taking the stairs (including me) but I’m working on it! Lol

Looking at all of the pictures with #art110fall14, I noticed that not many students participated in instagram day. Haha but I did notice that most students (that did participate) took pictures of their laptops and of campus. We are all very similar in that sense, about school being our first priority (or so I think) and on a regular day, we are all just going to school/work and enjoying life.

Lol well this is awkward. I used the wrong hashtag….


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