Wk 2 – Student Interview – Kiara Kensie

KiaraMeet Kiara Kensie! We were in each other’s Classics 100 course together in our first Fall semester here at CSULB, but formally introduced ourselves on Thursday, September 4th. This is her second year and is pursuing a career in business finance. In high school, she wanted to become a nurse and that was only because of their yearly salary and she didn’t feel that it was right to major in something only for the money and not her true passion. But we feel that as much as people say that money doesn’t bring happiness, it does bring some happiness knowing that you are financially stable. She also couldn’t stand the idea of having to wear scrubs to work every single day because they are so ugly. Kiara also doesn’t really like the hospital setting; she thinks they are depressing. So she currently has her mind set on Fashion Merchandising and is hoping to own her own business one day!

We were discussing how networking is very important and necessary when pursuing any career. Although people may have their PhD in a certain field, it doesn’t shemar moorenecessarily mean that one is guaranteed a job in the future in their expertise. 

We were asking each other questions  back and forth and when she asked me what made me interested in getting my BS in Biology and my MS in Forensic Science, I listed the shows that made me want to go behind the scenes and investigate murder cases. Once I said that i was in love with Criminal Minds growing up, Shemar Moore came to our minds and we talked about attractive and handsome we think he was (my celebrity crush till this day) 

At the moment, Kiara is just going to school and trying to find an apartment with her roommate so that she can soon move out! This is her page http://iamkkkensie.wordpress.com/ 🙂


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