Wk 3 – Artist Interview – Vav

When I first walked into this gallery, I must admit that it looked really creepy. It sort of reminded me of the movie Poltergeist and the little girl who cProcessed with Moldivan’t stop staring at the static on the TV. And to be completely honest, at first, I didn’t know what all of these “discarded materials” signified. I thought to myself “it’s all just garbage.” And then I realized that everything existed in previous generations as an advancement in technology. It is nothing to compared to our modern technology and it is really eye-opening. I kept thinking about how at some point, we were completely okay with not owning a laptop or a smart phone. It’s crazy to think that those are now necessities and no longer wants. But then again, with all of the advances in technology, one must have access to the Internet whether it’s for work or school.This also reminded me of my nephews but mostly children growing up in the new generation and how the only way for them to stay calm is for them to have a big bright screen attached to their face. But that also has to do with their upbringing but that ‘s a different topic.

I don’t know why but the last picture in the middle column with all of the waste under the ladder, I tied it to the idea of people losing all sorts of skills necessary for everyday life. Such as communication skills and our ability to think without having to google something. It bothers me because as simple as it is, people google a definition instead of looking for it in the dictionary. It isn’t such a big deal but it really is, if that makes any sense. Everything is now so effortless on our part because everything is practically done for us. And I feel that if we keep living life the easy way, even if it’s just turning to google for an answer or two, how will we be able to cope when an obstacle such as maybe not being able to afford internet access confronts us? how will class lectures be taught? how will students communicate with their professors? how will friends keep in contact without a facebook account? how will people compete for the most likes on instagrams or retweets on twitter? This gallery really opened my eyes and  gave me a brand new perspective/outlook on technology. Although I live in this generation, I really wish people didn’t depend on it as much as they do to get by everyday.


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