Wk 3 – Student Interview – Abigail Garcia

This is Abigail Garcia 🙂 I met her when I met Kiara Kensie (Last week’s student interview) It was funny and cool how much we had in common and how fast we got along! She is a Psychology major who is pursuing a career as a child psychiatrist. After she gets her BA here at CSULB, she is planning on going to medical school but is still unsure of which school she will be attending. She is from Los Angeles and commutes to school everyday. When she told me that she worked me and abigailhere at the University Library, I asked her if she got free Starbucks and she said that she does sometimes but that they are only samples. I would die to have a cup of coffee every morning before my Chemistry class! Haha she then goes on to tell me that she played tennis and was on the tennis team all four years of high school, but no longer has any time to play. When she asked about my favorite tv shows, my list went on and on and we both like watching The Vampire Diaries. Well maybe she just likes it, but I absolutely love it and I can’t wait for Season 6 to premiere in a couple of weeks. I’m literally so excited that I’m counting down the days Lol. We both prefer Ian Somerhalder over Paul Wesley (they are brothers in the show) I just can’t get over his beauty. I would die to meet him!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 Well back to Abigail, her favorite bands are One Republic and Maroon 5. She is only taking this class

to fulfill her GE requirement and well so am I because I was more interested in taking a ceramics course but I was told by my counselor that only Art majors can take ceramics? Which sucks because I LOVE ceramics. Anywho, if anyone is interested, her URL is abigaillgarcia.wordpress.com. Follow her!


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