Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Scott Burns

This week, a group of students and I met with Scott Burns. He is an open enrollment student with a BA in Studio Art. He is currently working on his portfolio for graduate school. He will be applying to UCLA, Virginia CommoProcessed with Moldivnwealth, Alfred in New York and several schools in Washington. At first he just made pottery, he wanted to switch it up and started sculpting. He started sculpting about three years ago. He focused on finding inspiration. He does not sculpt realistic things. The colors he uses in his sculptures do not convey different moods. He mentioned just forcing several awful colors together and making them work. By the looks of it, they look amazing!  He mixes glazes and incorporates mixed media (glass,etc.) He is very experimental in his sculpting process. I really like how his sculptures have one oversized part. In the top right picture, one of the hands are really big in comparison to the other. I might be the only one, but when I first saw this sculpture, I feel as though it sort of resembled a frog and thought that was pretty cool. In the bottom left, the head outweighs the entire body and it sort of gives it a deterioration effect throughout the body. In the bottom middle, the foot is humongous! And in the bottom right picture, the neck is really long giving it a giraffe effect.


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