Wk 4 – Student Interview – Kelsey Aparicio

This week I interviewFullSizeRender_1ed Kelsey Aparicio. I met her through Uriel who was looking for a partner for her and luckily I was partnerless! She is a second year Kinesiology major who loves to play soccer (she is currently CSULB Club Soccer), swim and she also does karate. She attended Downey High and was in their soccer team. She mentioned that when she was playing against Wilson (my high school), a tall white girl hit her while she was guarding her and I told her that those girls were always so aggressive.

Her favorite things to ask when she interviews other students are favorite ice cream flavor and for their instagram 🙂 Her favorite flavor is Cotton Candy. Apparently, we had Psychology 100 together last semester and I had no idea. I think it’s funny how we see people and are able to recognize where we have seen them without knowing them personally. I might have seen her because she said I looked familiar, but I don’t remember! Lol. Since she commutes to school from Downey, she drives on the freeway and I remember mentioning that I haven’t driven on the freeway yet and surprisingly this weekend I did and it isn’t as bad as I thought it was! so yay for me!

Then  we shifted to having a long, interesting conversation about our ex boyfriends. She recommended that I’d read “Why Men Love Bitches” and I’m actually looking into it! After this talk, she mentioned “Forgive and forget and you’ll live so much happier” and I believe that. I’m not the type of person to hold grudges and neither is Kelsey. It’s just a waste of time and time is very valuable so why spend your time being angry and worried about things that will definitely not matter in 5 years?

Her URL is http://kelseyaparicio.com/ follow her!


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