Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Rosa Vasquez

I walked through all of the galleries and none of them caught my attention as much as this one did. It really spoke to me because it reminded me of my parents. The details of their stories are so vague, but I know that it waProcessed with Moldivsn’t easy for them to come to America. If I remember correctly, my dad came here when he was very little. I do remember him telling my sister and I that he had to teach himself how to swim if he wanted to hide and get away from the deportation officers. It’s just so crazy to think that back then, coming to America was the only means of survival.

This piece reminded me of a movie that I saw in my AP Spanish Literature class in high school called “Under the Same Moon” (De Bajo la Misma Luna) because this little boy’s mother is in the United States while he lived with his grandma in Mexico. After her passing, he was determined to go find his mom because he hasn’t her in months maybe years. Since he worked as an “assistant” in an immigration office, he knew everything about how to get through immigration. This lady and man were going to the U.S. and were willing to take anyone who wanted to cross the border. The little boy, without a doubt insisted in going despite anyone’s opinion. So as they were crossing, he was hiding under the back seats, sweating, short of breath, and all because he wanted to see his mother. Although it is really scary to cross illegally, it actually is for the better. I mean if someone is trying to make a better living and increase their living standards in a place that has wider options of opportunities, why not?

But all in all, I really liked this art piece because it speaks to many individuals even though one may not have personally experienced it or know someone who has. It is really heartfelt and makes one take into account that we take many things for granted.


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