Wk 5 – Classmate Interview – Sarah DeLeon

This is SaFullSizeRenderrah DeLeon! I already knew her prior to this class because we went to high school together; we were in each other’s American Government class but we hardly knew each other. She is a sophomore majoring in Healthcare Administration. Throughout high school, she worked at a nursing home and in her mom’s office and that is how she decided on her major. Her boss was a Healthcare Administrator and while she worked for him, she was basically “shadowing” him and learned all aspects of the job and pictured herself in the same career.

Sarah is in a sorority (Gamma Phi Beta) and she lives in the sorority house even though it is not required. She is currently working at Baskin Robbins.

Our conversation then shifted to talking about scary movies. We both love them! The movies that really scared us were Oculus, Evil Dead and The Grudge. I am so afraid of The Grudge. I will never ever watch it again. It just terrifies me because that thing is so ugly and unnecessary! I’ve been scared of that movie since I was a little girl and I refuse to watch it. Lol

Sarah’s website is:  sarahdeleonn.wordpress.com if anyone is interested! 🙂


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