Wk 6 – Activity – Drawing

Processed with Moldiv Processed with MoldivProcessed with Moldiv            This week’s activity consisted of using the app French Girls to draw, which includes taking a selfie and drawing another person (or else it won’t let you continue using the app). Luckily, I only posted one selfie and I only waited about maybe half an hour for a stranger to draw me (leftmost picture). I thought it was crazy comparing these two drawings of me because the top one looks as though the person took their time and tried their hardest to capture every detail. In the bottom drawing of me, it’s just very plain, circular eyes and nose, a D happy face, and no skin color. But I love that my selfie seemed approachable enough for a stranger to pick and actually draw 🙂 🙂 🙂 My very first drawing of another person is the rightmost bottom picture and it was a very simple drawing but I think I captured the specifics of the drawing! After my first drawing, I continued to draw other people whenever I got bored, when I was just laying in bed sleepless, during my break at work, etc. I tried to be draw every detail so when I didn’t like what I drew, I would completely start over until I was satisfied with my work. At most, I think I probably took about ten minutes in each of my drawings. I’m such a perfectionist so I wasn’t able to submit a drawing that I wasn’t proud of. But overall, this assignment was fun and I will definitely be using this app to kill time in the future!


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