Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Emily Babbette

“Regardless of how removed a person may feel from their family’s history and heritage, ingrained within our psyche is usually a sense of where we may have come from and where we may belong” (Babbette). I love this. I love that she is still able to connect to her heritage even if she may not be physically there to experience it. I, on the other hand, feel as though I have not lost my identity due to distance because I feel as though I grew up here. My whole lifeFullSizeRender (3) is here. I don’t remember ever meeting my family that lives in Mexico so I feel like my family is only with whom I grew up with/reside with. Although I would love to get to know my distant relatives because they speak so highly of my mom, it just seems impossible at this point. But at times, (I do not necessarily remember how Mexico’s scenery looked) but there have been times where it just feels like home when I’m not necessarily home. The lady walking around all day selling “champurrado” and “tamales” reminds of home because of its warm, comforting taste. Friends’ gatherings remind me of home because of the shared laughs and stories. I really do wish i had a closer bond with my family in Mexico because my friend has the time of her life whenever she goes and visits her family and I admire that. I love how she has a great support system and everyone just enjoys everyone’s company. That’s the way it should be. But overall, even though I may not necessarily know/ever get to experience life with my family in Mexico, I love them dearly and I am always thinking about them whether they know it or not.


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