Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Cheyenne Ochoa

I had the opportunity to meet Cheyenne OcFullSizeRender (7)hoa on Thursday! She is a very friendly girl who I happen to have a lot in common with! She is a freshman who is pursuing a career in Film. One day she hopes to become a director! Her inspiration came from her father. Her dad loves art! He actually made cartoons for cartoon network! How exciting! (I forgot to ask which cartoons) 😦 He’s into music as well and that is also where her music taste came from. She knows that being a director comes with a lot of pressure, but she loves being creative so I’m sure the pressure will not stop her from achieving her goal! Since she told me she was a Film major, I asked her if she joined College Beat and surprisingly she did! She attends meetings regularly and is doing everything in her power to make her dream come true.

Back to music…..I FINALLY MET SOMEONE WHO HAPPENS TO BE IN LOVE WITH SAM SMITH AND ED SHEERAN AS MUCH AS I AM! I was excited because not even my closest friends like them even though we have a similar taste in music. Ed Sheeran had a free concert a couple of weeks ago and we were sad that we weren’t able to attend because we had no idea! Ed Sheeran is just so great ❤ She then recommended the band Rixton because their music is very similar to Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran so I will definitely check that out! She also loves One Direction, but for some reason I couldn’t get myself to actual like their music. Lol. We both mentioned that we hate Taylor Swift’s music except for her new song called “Shake it off” because it doesn’t sound like her and it’s not about a sad heartbreak.

She has also traveled to many places such as London, Greece, Mexico, Washington D.C., Tokyo, and China! She mentioned that shopping in Tokyo was different in comparison to shopping in the U.S. There are racks of clothes with maybe three or four shirts and all you have to do is pick what you want to buy and the cashier go get your items, which are already prepackaged. It’s pretty cool because you won’t buy a shirt that someone has tried on or anything. After her London experience, she knew that that was where she wanted to study abroad! All of her travel experiences make me want to travel different parts of the world and I really want to make that happen!

When we finished our interview and walked around the galleries, it was only 11:30….It actually felt like we were talking for a really long time and were surprised that it was still so early! I feel as though I can talk to her for hours! It was great meeting her! Her URL is https://cheyennenochoa.wordpress.com/ if anyone is interested 🙂


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