Wk 7 – Activity – Painting

Processed with MoldivFullSizeRender (14) This week’s activity was painting. Not with acrylic or tempera paint but with spray paint! At first, I thought it was a piece of cake because I knew how to draw bubble letters already so I didn’t think it’d be too hard. But once I started practicing the bubble letters using spray paint, it was harder than I expected! I went to Michael’s and bought the stencil that is in the upper left hand corner of the first picture because I absolutely fell in love with the pattern!! When I began, the middle picture on the right side of the first picture was my very first letter drawn with spray paint so I assumed that it was going to be easy. The pattern on that letter formed when I put a plastic bag over it. I really liked it so I took a picture of it as well.  I also noticed that the closer I got to the cardboard, the bigger the letters were and the farther away I was, the smaller they were. I had the tendency to get super close to the cardboard because I was afraid that if I got too far away, I would miss and not touch my other letters. Eventually I somewhat got the hang of using the spray can and what angle made what lines and was able to draw my name in bubble letters on a bigger piece of cardboard. I kept playing around with the stencil with light pink spray paint and loved that on my final product, it sort of looks like various frames overlapping and I loved that effect. My letters also didn’t have a constant size; they got bigger with every letter and my last ‘a’ didn’t fit! The last picture on the right hand side of the first picture was my final product but it was really plain so I used the stencil all around my name and it looked great. I rotated the stencil to go along the curves of the letters. Overall, I loved this activity and I have never worked with spray paint and I will definitely continue using it. And I might even use the stencil in my room as decoration! 🙂


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