Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Nicholas Gaby

This piece of work caught my attention the most from all of the other art pieces in the galleries because it FullSizeRender (19)FullSizeRender (17)was a small cornered room that went straight to the point. I even questioned whether this was a part of the galleries because it was so simple yet it’s meaning is very profound. I was very curious to find out what was so special about a corner and as soon as I got a chance to see it, it blew my mind because I wasn’t expecting that. I had no idea what it was, the form is a little weird, the color blue was great, but I thought that was it. I saw another classmate on her knees taking pictures of the ones on the floor and I thought “what is she taking pictures of?” until I finally saw and I was intrigued. Gaby states “in tFullSizeRender (18)he dark, the world is supposed to be  ‘the same’ as in the light. But you have to test this proposition to find that the world changes completely, depending on whether it is visible or not.” I loved this statement because I perceived it as whatever one may know of an issue or a situation can be completely different than it’s reality. For example, the media does a really well job in “sugarcoating” serious issues and not mention the gravity of a certain issue. I feel as though even though issues are introduced, the gravity of the situation may only be known to researchers who keep this information quiet. But I also wanted to relate this with identity. People may come off as one person in public, but once they are alone, they transform into a completely different person as though they aren’t accepted by society. Just like my leftmost picture, a person may be perceived as one thing when in reality, she is made up of all of these characteristics, hidden talents, interests that the world may be completely clueless about. Overall, I did like this artwork! It must have taken a really long time to get every little piece to look how they did because they have so much detail and are extremely small. I can only imagine how hard it may be to work with a small piece of clay or something.


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