Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Kiyomi Fukui


This week this piece of art caught my attention the most. When I began reading Fukui’s statement, I thought “Did she really keep the bird until the time of its death?” I couldn’t believe to be completely honest. For some reason I thought it was so wrong to do that, but then after I finished reading it was a very meaningful message. She states, “Death is defined by the end of life, but it may also be a source of life. Death feeds and generates numerous other life cycles.” I couldn’t agree more because death is undesirable, but inevitable,it can often lead to changes in perspective. My friend just lost her aunt to cancer, but after mourning, she became a better person for herself and her aunt. Her aunt was literally the life of the party. Everybody loved her. So in a sense, it’s also a source of life because her and her family live and continue their life because of her, she was the base, she was the motivation to keep going regardless of obstacles that may come their way.

The fact that she pays her respect to these birds and waters the soil and plants seeds is amazing. Although some do plants do not survive, they are discarded and another cycle begins just as she stated. I absolutely love this because one can never lose hope with this mindset. It sort of leans towards the message of although obstacles may arise, you may experience some unwanted situations, you must keep going.

But I hate talking about death. I don’t think anyone looks forward to dying but for some reason, this topic has always made so uncomfortable. I don’t like talking about what life would be like without my family and friends who have been there forever, I just hate it. I prefer living in the moment and if the time comes, then it comes. Other than that, I don’t really discuss death but I loved her artwork; it portrays a message that everyone should live by.


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