Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Savannah Cheung

This week I met Savannah Cheung! Yes, our picture is missing because we forgot to exchange numbers and we had taken the picture with her phone….I walked around looking for her, but she disappeared on me. Lol She is currently a freshman here at CSULB and dorms in Beachside. She is from Rosemead near Pasadena, CA. She has two brothers; an older brother who is a sophomore in college and a little brother who is a freshman in high school so she is the middle child.

She goes home every other weekend for work. She works at Cold Stone and her job is really flexible with her hours because even if she may be busy one weekend or two weekends in a row, her job is still guaranteed whenever she has time to go! I think that’s awesome because most jobs wouldn’t keep an employee that doesn’t show consistency. Before her job at Cold Stone, she used to work at an AMC theater. I always thought it’d be cool working at a movie theater because of the free movie tickets! She is currently undeclared, but is thinking about majoring in either Graphic Design or Interior Design. So I then asked her if she knew how to draw and she said she does, but at the moment she hasn’t mastered drawing portraits but she does enjoy drawing landscapes or just simple objects. She goes on to mention that the art program here at LBSU is very competitive and often only have one chance to prove your work to the interviewers and win them over. She’s going to have to create her own art portfolio so I think this week’s activity will definitely help her achieve that for her future interview!

Our discussion then led to us admitting that they were both afraid of Chuckie growing up because he was so ugly. Lol but thinking about it now, I don’t understand why I was so afraid of a doll….but then again, I just watched Annabelle and she was a doll and yeah, never again… Lol

She has also been on a road trip to South Dakota where she then passed by/visited the national parks of Redwoods and Yellowstone. I like listening to stories about others’ travel experiences because I haven’t been anywhere honestly because I don’t consider Arizona and Nevada to count. But hopefully I do travel soon!

If interested, her URL is http://savannahcheung.com/ 🙂


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