Wk 9 – Artist Interview


Under tFullSizeRender_1he picture, it says “No ones knows where I am at. I just feel like I need to be alone to figure out who I am.”

Immediately after I saw this, I knew this is what I wanted to use in this week’s activity. I felt as though I am able to relate to this completely because there has been several occasions in which I felt as though I was unable to be myself, and/or figuring out who I am as a person or where I stand in society with my friends and family, financially, academically, etc.

I’ve been needing to start building my credit for some time now, but for some reason I haven’t gotten a chance to. My twin sister and her boyfriend have literally done everything in their power to stop me from buying the car of my dreams from a dealer because I’ll be stuck with monthly payments. I perceive this as them believing that I can’t handle it or they’d just bring up “what if” scenarios that are so negative. I don’t have any credit at the moment, but part of building my character can be from knowing whether I can be responsible with my money. It’s part of growing up. I just think that at times, my twin sister (whom I think grew up too quickly) doesn’t want me to grow up. It’s a little ironic because I am the older twin. I understand that it may come with a lot of responsibility but I cannot allow them to influence my decisions (building credit) because growing up is inevitable.

I was able to relate this with high school in general. High school was a place where people didn’t have a sense of individuality. Fashion trends and everyday language were changing constantly and so did the students that allowed themselves to be influenced by societal changes. If one is always “following the crowd,” they can’t grow as a person because they have been so accustomed to being the “follower” instead of the “leader.” This is where being alone and doing things of your own personal interest and hobbies can lead to discovering your own identity. Once you discover your identity, it really is amazing. My main focus in my life at the moment go in the following order 1) school 2) work 3) friends. I find it so interesting that even your best friend whom you probably spend a lot of time with has a completely different perception in the path they are following in their life.

As I’m growing up and as I focus more on what’s important, the more I like spending time alone because I know what I want and I will do everything in my power to accomplish my goals. I’ve also noticed stuff that really bothers me that didn’t seem to bother me a year ago because I was naive. Time is very valuable and I refuse to waste it on negativity.


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