Wk 9 – Student Interview – Marlyn Castillo

This week I met Marilyn Castillo! She is a second year Social Work major.She is 21 years old but I would’ve never guessed! She looks younger than me but I figured she was also a sophomore.. Her age surprised me because she still has a baby face, but I mean so do I…..it just surprised me! Lol  She decided she wanted to major in this because she is extremely against the mistreatment of children and wants to change the world in a positive way. Before deciding on Biology, I was also following the Social Work path but I changed my mind IMG_4685because I wouldn’t be able to deal with all of the emotions that are attached to being a Social Worker. After mentioning this to her, I asked her what she wanted to do with this major and she said that she really likes the Counseling aspect of this field so she might be looking into that. I knew and was told several times that Social Work requires a lot of work and time and the yearly salary is nothing compared to the amount of work that’s put in.That is also what sort of made Marilyn change her mind but I’m not completely sure!

At first, she was pursuing the Nursing career but as most, it was an impacted major and it’s really hard to get into. She is from Los Angeles so she commutes to CSULB Monday-Thursdays. She mentioned that she applied to CSUF, CSULA,CSUN, UCR but CSULB was always her first option. Art 110 happens to be her only class on Thursdays and I envy her for that because as soon as she gets to school, I’m headed to my third class on Thursday. Lol

She has traveled to Acapulco where her parents are from. I find it really interesting when others tell me where they have traveled because I haven’t been out of the country but I need to get away! I want to study abroad so hopefully I have an opportunity to go. She also has three sisters and no brothers. I found it crazy because I don’t know how I’d be if I didn’t have my little brother. He’s the absolute best, he is probably the only one who can actually cheer me up in a matter of seconds. She mentioned that she’s always wanted the “overprotectiveness” of an older brother. Although I have three brothers, that has never really been the case of them being overprotective. Overall it was nice meeting her! Interview her! Her URL is http://marlyncastillo.com/ 🙂


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