Wk 10 – Activity – Landscape



1st picture: Friday night 10/31/2014

2nd picture: Saturday night 11/01/2014

3rd picture: Sunday morning 11/02/2014

I didn’t really have any time this week to complete this activity in the way that I really wanted to…. My Chemistry Placement Test was approaching rather quickly and I was stressing out all week so I decided to do death by work because I was scheduled to work Halloween night, the night before my CPT, so my reaction is demonstrated in the first picture. I was also scheduled to close with one of the new girls and well let’s just say, it takes a lot longer to close than it should…. The second picture was Saturday. I was scheduled to work after my test and I was in a really good mood because I feel as though I did really well 😀 Since my availability for work are Fridays-Sundays (close Friday and Saturday and open on Sunday), the third picture shows my usual Sunday. We close the store at 11, we leave by 11:30 and we open at 6:30 a.m. You can probably imagine how tired I was the next morning after working 8 hours and closing and having to open the following day. Today (11/02/2014) was the only day in 6 months that I fall asleep during my break. I didn’t really captivate an interesting landscape in the background besides the freezer at work. Lol FullSizeRender (20)

This literally just happened two minutes ago. I wanted to share because I got really sad haha. I woke up from my nap really cold, went to starbucks and ordered a Venti Chai Tea Latte…..not even half way through it, it spilled…. I thought to myself “DEATH BY STARBUCKS” because lately I have felt the need to buy starbucks to get through the day and the fact that it spilled was really heartbreaking LOL.

If I can redo this activity, I definitely would!


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