Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Jessica Bardales

This work of art captivated my attention the most out of all the galleries. My first thought were stereotypes and self identity.I perceived Amanda, who is sixteen on the leftmost picture as a boy to be honest. I couldn’t believe it when I saProcessed with Moldivw the handout and her name was Amanda… I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t able to determine her gender. I feel as though she may be struggling with determining her true identity. Her parents may be telling her to change the way she dresses, that she should dress more like the girl that she is. But she may be, not rebelling, but also not conforming to social norms about what girls should and should not wear/the ways they express themselves. I just felt like Maya, age 7, the little girl in the middle should smile! Children need to have fun, they need to enjoy themselves, they are by far too little to be crossing her arms and upset….The girl on the rightmost picture, also named Amanda but 15 years old is holding a baby. It may or may not be hers, but if it was, I thought about stereotypes. I’m not sure what her ethnicity may be but she looks Hispanic. The stereotype about Hispanic teens getting pregnant and bearing children at such a young age came to my mind. She also seems upset. I also never understood why young women have babies when they are practically still babies themselves. This art piece reminded me a lot of my sociology class because we are currently studying race and ethnicity and gender inequality.


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