Wk 12 – Activity Feedback

  1. Three favorite activities
    1. Plaster Casting
      1. I have never used plaster to make a mold and it was really fun with the help of my brother casting my mold!
    2. Graffiti
      1. I have never worked with spray paint before and it was a great and new experience working with it!
    3. Painting
      1. Using the French Girls App., it was fun having a complete stranger draw your selfie in their perspective and drawing skills
  2. Three least favorite activities
    1. Kickstarter
      1. I honestly couldn’t think of any creative ideas to launch but by the looks of it, the other students do have great ideas which is awesome!
    2. Vlogs
      1. This activity seemed pointless because the ePortfolio introduced our “new” blog so I didn’t really see the point in having to make a video. But I also hate speaking in front of camera so that could have been the main reason.
  3. With all of the other courses I’m currently taking, this class gives me a sort of leeway to relax and take a break from all of my other stressful courses and enjoy various forms of art with a fun and easy class!

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