Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Michelle Thompkins


The very first gallery that I walked into was my favorite! It caught my attention because the characters in the pictures above reminded me a lot of the movie Despicable Me! The leftmost picture reminded me of the scene where Gru had no other choice but to take Agnes, Edith and Margo to their ballet rehearsals in order for the girls to go sell cookies to the villain Vector because of the shrink ray. Although he wasn’t as upset in the movie, in the picture he seems angry and furious. And the little girl who fell I imagined her to be Agnes from Despicable Me because she was so silly and energetic and falling would play her role exactly.

It sort of also reminded me of Twilight: New Moon because towards the end, Bella was told by Cam Gigandet (I forgot his name in the movie) to meet him in her dancing studio from when she was younger. The guy would be the vampire (guy) where he is anxiously waiting for her arrival.


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