Wk 12 – Classmate Interview – Celine Phan

  • Meet Celine Phan!
  • She is 17 years old and a first year here at CSULBIMG_5241
  • She is currently a Biology major but is thinking about changing it to Business!
  • She is from Fountain Valley
  • She has two sisters, one of the age of 16 and the other is 12, which makes her the oldest.
  • Although she is thinking about switching to Business, she mentioned that she really wanted to be a veterinarian so I told her that she should actually think about sticking with Biology.
  • She works back home at a dessert place called Zero Degrees Italian Ice. This is her first job and has been working for a couple of months.
  • She is not dorming, so she commutes to school every day.
  • She mentioned that she likes going to the movies, shopping and eating. Her favorite types of movies are comedies and her favorite movie is Grown Ups!
  • Her favorite TV show is Bones and we both love The Vampire Diaries and we prefer Ian Somerhalder over Paul Wesley!
  • Neither of us are involved with school because our busy schedules take up most of our time.
  • Towards the end, we both realized that we were in each other’s Chem 90 myself and we both passed the CPT, which is amaaaaazing!
  • Overall, Celine was a great friendly girl to talk to! If anyone is interested, her URL is http://celinephan23.com/ 🙂

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