Wk 13 – Student Interview – Amir Kiani


This week I met Amir Kiani 🙂 He is in his third year and is pursuing a career in Computer Science. He really wants to work with systems and protect online data, sort of like antivirus and firewalls, but not quite…more with an emphasis on one particular website. He gave me the example of sending cash to another individual through a specific network where it’d be impossible for anyone to track the location and/or person! I thought that was really cool because as online networks work today, literally anything is traceable and open to the public.

He listens to rap, hip-hop and EDM music but mostly hip hop! His favorite rapper is Curren$y. I have no idea who he is but he recommended that I’d listen to his music so I have yet to do that. Amir’s favorite tv show is “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia.” I have also never heard of that show, but it is in Netflix so I will definitely also be checking that out! The only chick flick that he actually liked was Crazy Stupid Love starring Ryan Gosling! That movie is actually one of my favorites!
We actually both like the movie “Hours” starring Paul Walker and anyone who loves this man should definitely watch it! It’s about a guy whose wife died during labor but his daughter survived and the power goes out in the hospital and Paul has to do do everything in his power to keep the incubator going for 48 hours for the baby to survive! It’s crazy, just watch it! Lol

His favorite food is Italian food, which also happens to be one of my faves!

His favorite brand of clothing is Imaginary Foundation, where its main focus is usually on space and philosophers with philosophical quotes. I have also never heard of this brand name so it was really interesting learning about it.

Travel – Amir has visited Paris, Germany, Canada, Spain and multiple states across the United States! I found that so exciting because I haven’t been out of the country, yes I know, how boring, but I need to!!

If anyone is interested, his URL is http://heresamirkiani.wordpress.com


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