Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Uriel Reveles

This week I interviewed Uriel Reveles! I actually met him my very first semester here at CSULB in our Communications course and then I had him for English 100 our second semester. He’s a really cool guy who is currently still undeclared but is leaning towards a career in Mechanical Engineering. He mentioned that he loves working on cars so that’s what really drew him towards this career choice. He drives an orange truck (didn’t ask the make and model – maybe I did, if I did, I forgot) but I also drive my dad’s orange Isuzu i290 truck because i am currently saving up for my very own car. So we had that in common! He is from Compton and has two sisters who also attend CSULB, therefore he commutes with them to school everyday. He is always wearing a hat and also mentioned that he doesn’t like wearing pants because there are uncomfortable. It’s funny because most guys I know feel the exact same way. I don’t know what it is with guys and pants! Lol He also has a girlfriend whom he has been with for 3 years now which is great! Our friend Josue said that since Uriel doesn’t like wearing pants that his girlfriend wears the pants in the relationship. Haha it was funny but it was also a joke! Josue is this guy who doesn’t have a class from 11-12:15 on Tuesdays and Thursday’s and likes to follow Uriel and Kelsey around…so he comes to class with them and has mentioned being asked to be interviewed and he had to say he wasn’t in the class…. Lol but back to Uriel, he doesn’t really each much tv, he usually just watches Netflix. He is currently stuck on the show Psych! If anyone is interested, his URL is http://urielreveles.wordpress.com 🙂 🙂


Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Jessica Bardales

This work of art captivated my attention the most out of all the galleries. My first thought were stereotypes and self identity.I perceived Amanda, who is sixteen on the leftmost picture as a boy to be honest. I couldn’t believe it when I saProcessed with Moldivw the handout and her name was Amanda… I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t able to determine her gender. I feel as though she may be struggling with determining her true identity. Her parents may be telling her to change the way she dresses, that she should dress more like the girl that she is. But she may be, not rebelling, but also not conforming to social norms about what girls should and should not wear/the ways they express themselves. I just felt like Maya, age 7, the little girl in the middle should smile! Children need to have fun, they need to enjoy themselves, they are by far too little to be crossing her arms and upset….The girl on the rightmost picture, also named Amanda but 15 years old is holding a baby. It may or may not be hers, but if it was, I thought about stereotypes. I’m not sure what her ethnicity may be but she looks Hispanic. The stereotype about Hispanic teens getting pregnant and bearing children at such a young age came to my mind. She also seems upset. I also never understood why young women have babies when they are practically still babies themselves. This art piece reminded me a lot of my sociology class because we are currently studying race and ethnicity and gender inequality.

Wk 10 – Activity – Landscape



1st picture: Friday night 10/31/2014

2nd picture: Saturday night 11/01/2014

3rd picture: Sunday morning 11/02/2014

I didn’t really have any time this week to complete this activity in the way that I really wanted to…. My Chemistry Placement Test was approaching rather quickly and I was stressing out all week so I decided to do death by work because I was scheduled to work Halloween night, the night before my CPT, so my reaction is demonstrated in the first picture. I was also scheduled to close with one of the new girls and well let’s just say, it takes a lot longer to close than it should…. The second picture was Saturday. I was scheduled to work after my test and I was in a really good mood because I feel as though I did really well 😀 Since my availability for work are Fridays-Sundays (close Friday and Saturday and open on Sunday), the third picture shows my usual Sunday. We close the store at 11, we leave by 11:30 and we open at 6:30 a.m. You can probably imagine how tired I was the next morning after working 8 hours and closing and having to open the following day. Today (11/02/2014) was the only day in 6 months that I fall asleep during my break. I didn’t really captivate an interesting landscape in the background besides the freezer at work. Lol FullSizeRender (20)

This literally just happened two minutes ago. I wanted to share because I got really sad haha. I woke up from my nap really cold, went to starbucks and ordered a Venti Chai Tea Latte…..not even half way through it, it spilled…. I thought to myself “DEATH BY STARBUCKS” because lately I have felt the need to buy starbucks to get through the day and the fact that it spilled was really heartbreaking LOL.

If I can redo this activity, I definitely would!

Wk 10 – Student Interview – Salina Chavez

This week I had the opportunity to meet Salina Chavez! She is a third year Child Development major and is also minoring in FullSizeRenderRecreation. She is currently a YMCA program leader and assistant director, which I think is pretty cool! She loves working with children. She mentioned volunteering for the boys and girls club, coaching/playing soccer throughout high school. She has been playing soccer for 15 years! I also used to play soccer but my schedule has gotten so busy that I hardly ever have anytime to do anything really. She also mentioned working here at CSULB in the Day Care. I told her that I was also planning of applying when I heard that they were hiring because I also love children! But then I thought about it – busy stressful week + children doesn’t really make a great combination. Salina lives locally as do I. She dormed here at CSULB her first year of college. She mentioned being in the honor roll throughout high school and her parents gave her the option of either dorming or getting her car but since she was such a great student, it was a win-win situation because she ended up dorming and getting her car, which is awesome! I’ve always wanted to dorm to gain that dorm experience but I don’t like the idea of being in debt when I literally live 2-3 miles away….. When I pursue my Master’s degree, the chances of me dorming are high so hopefully in the future! Overall, it was nice meeting Salina because we hit it off great from the start 🙂 For more, her URL is http://salinachavez2110.com/

Wk 9 – Student Interview – Marlyn Castillo

This week I met Marilyn Castillo! She is a second year Social Work major.She is 21 years old but I would’ve never guessed! She looks younger than me but I figured she was also a sophomore.. Her age surprised me because she still has a baby face, but I mean so do I…..it just surprised me! Lol  She decided she wanted to major in this because she is extremely against the mistreatment of children and wants to change the world in a positive way. Before deciding on Biology, I was also following the Social Work path but I changed my mind IMG_4685because I wouldn’t be able to deal with all of the emotions that are attached to being a Social Worker. After mentioning this to her, I asked her what she wanted to do with this major and she said that she really likes the Counseling aspect of this field so she might be looking into that. I knew and was told several times that Social Work requires a lot of work and time and the yearly salary is nothing compared to the amount of work that’s put in.That is also what sort of made Marilyn change her mind but I’m not completely sure!

At first, she was pursuing the Nursing career but as most, it was an impacted major and it’s really hard to get into. She is from Los Angeles so she commutes to CSULB Monday-Thursdays. She mentioned that she applied to CSUF, CSULA,CSUN, UCR but CSULB was always her first option. Art 110 happens to be her only class on Thursdays and I envy her for that because as soon as she gets to school, I’m headed to my third class on Thursday. Lol

She has traveled to Acapulco where her parents are from. I find it really interesting when others tell me where they have traveled because I haven’t been out of the country but I need to get away! I want to study abroad so hopefully I have an opportunity to go. She also has three sisters and no brothers. I found it crazy because I don’t know how I’d be if I didn’t have my little brother. He’s the absolute best, he is probably the only one who can actually cheer me up in a matter of seconds. She mentioned that she’s always wanted the “overprotectiveness” of an older brother. Although I have three brothers, that has never really been the case of them being overprotective. Overall it was nice meeting her! Interview her! Her URL is http://marlyncastillo.com/ 🙂

Wk 9 – Artist Interview


Under tFullSizeRender_1he picture, it says “No ones knows where I am at. I just feel like I need to be alone to figure out who I am.”

Immediately after I saw this, I knew this is what I wanted to use in this week’s activity. I felt as though I am able to relate to this completely because there has been several occasions in which I felt as though I was unable to be myself, and/or figuring out who I am as a person or where I stand in society with my friends and family, financially, academically, etc.

I’ve been needing to start building my credit for some time now, but for some reason I haven’t gotten a chance to. My twin sister and her boyfriend have literally done everything in their power to stop me from buying the car of my dreams from a dealer because I’ll be stuck with monthly payments. I perceive this as them believing that I can’t handle it or they’d just bring up “what if” scenarios that are so negative. I don’t have any credit at the moment, but part of building my character can be from knowing whether I can be responsible with my money. It’s part of growing up. I just think that at times, my twin sister (whom I think grew up too quickly) doesn’t want me to grow up. It’s a little ironic because I am the older twin. I understand that it may come with a lot of responsibility but I cannot allow them to influence my decisions (building credit) because growing up is inevitable.

I was able to relate this with high school in general. High school was a place where people didn’t have a sense of individuality. Fashion trends and everyday language were changing constantly and so did the students that allowed themselves to be influenced by societal changes. If one is always “following the crowd,” they can’t grow as a person because they have been so accustomed to being the “follower” instead of the “leader.” This is where being alone and doing things of your own personal interest and hobbies can lead to discovering your own identity. Once you discover your identity, it really is amazing. My main focus in my life at the moment go in the following order 1) school 2) work 3) friends. I find it so interesting that even your best friend whom you probably spend a lot of time with has a completely different perception in the path they are following in their life.

As I’m growing up and as I focus more on what’s important, the more I like spending time alone because I know what I want and I will do everything in my power to accomplish my goals. I’ve also noticed stuff that really bothers me that didn’t seem to bother me a year ago because I was naive. Time is very valuable and I refuse to waste it on negativity.

Wk 8 – Activity – ePortfolio


I am a Biology major. I came in as undeclared student who had no idea what career I wanted to pursue. I had several majors in mind such as Art (ceramics), Social Work, Business, Photography, Interior Design, etc., but I have decided on Biology. I remember mentioning to my counselor that I was interested in Forensics and he suggested/recommended that my best bet would be to major in Biology. I feel as though others feel intimidated by Biology majors because who liked Biology in their freshman year of high school? I know that it wasn’t one of my favorites. But in my senior year, after watching several seasons and episode after episode of Criminal Minds, as soon as I saw Forensic Science as an option on my spring semester schedule, I did not think twice about taking that course. After completely falling in love with Criminals Minds, Mrs. Foss, my Forensics teacher, introduced me to the show CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and I absolutely loved it. So I am currently working on my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and I would like to get my Master’s in Forensic Science at the University of Southern California.


During class, we did several activities where Mrs. Foss gave us several different scenarios and we had to put all the clues together and the chain of events and figure out the murderer, the cause of the death, identifying fingerprints, and from what angles blood spatter came from, etc. Similar to the picture above, Mrs. Foss also set up her own crime scene in the classroom before class started and had her students identify different variables or chain of events that could have perhaps led to the death of the “mannequin” in this case. It was really exciting because every students cause of death was completely different. Although it sort of looked like someone committed homocide, some students were able to identify why it could have also been a suicide. It’s very interesting to note that a crime scene can have various perceptions that can all be true. Our thought processes and critical thinking skills come into play when investigating all aspects of a crime scene.

Although my courses are challenging at the moment, I know that this is what I really want to pursue so I will do everything in my power to be successful in this field. The suspense, the rush of emotions, the work, the connections made with the victims, etc., intrigue me and I am ready to move forward!